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Homeowners Can Choose From Multiple Styles Of Stacked Stone Fireplaces

Outdoor living spaces continue to trend, and one feature that is very popular is an outdoor fireplace, particularly those constructed with stacked stone.
One type of a stacked stone fireplace is the dry stack fireplace, which uses the weight and friction between large rocks that are stacked horizontally to create stability.
“More often though, we do a modern style and use cement behind and under the stone to stabilize it,” said Scott Bonniwell, president and owner of Texas Stone Masons. The cement often creates a look of grout between the stones, while the dry-stack style does not have that look.
Stacked stone fireplaces are becoming more popular in the Austin area, especially the modern style with the grout-look.
Although stacked stone fireplaces are becoming more common, there are things that homeowners need to be aware of as they are exploring their options.
“The most important factor is the foundation. If the foundation is done properly, there will be no problems with cracking later,” Bonniwell said. “Check with two or three contractors, get their references. These look simple, but there are a lot of mechanical things to consider. Take the time to pick the right contractor.”
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